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‘One in four adults and one in ten children experience mental illness, and many more of us know and care for people who do’

NHS England

Looking out for each other has never been as important as it is at the moment. We are facing unprecedented changes to our lives, both in and out of work and education. Some of us will struggle. Getting the balance between all of these different worries is a real challenge, and has the potential to impact on everyone’s mental wellbeing.

How we look out for each other will be remembered, and will set the tone for our clubs future culture.

As a club we aim to end the stigma around illnesses like depression. If you’re injured you seek help from a physio so why not get help if you are struggling with your mental health?

One-in-four people will experience some kind of mental problem in their lifetime and, despite the laddish environment, our members can be vulnerable. Attitudes are changing. The stereotype of the big tough guy or girl who never speaks about any emotion whatsoever is becoming out of date.

The aim of this Wellbeing Support Hub is help signpost professional help, learn how we can help and support each other or maybe just learn how to start the conversation…

We will get through this and when we do we will have had an opportunity to become stronger together. Please, Let’s talk.

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